How Should Your Company Handle Document Destruction?

Every business deals in sensitive matters at one point or another. It is crucial do handle these matters in the most professional way. For instance, customer records need to be dealt with in a confidential and discrete manner. Day to day dealings within the company have to be recorded as well. All of these sensitive […]

How To Choose a Document Shredding Company

As one of the fastest-growing and most expensive criminal enterprises in the nation, identity theft is a serious problem with serious consequences for the lives and livelihoods of many. Corporations, government agencies and medical facilities that handle sensitive and confidential information rely on document shredding companies to quickly and safely destroy their sensitive documents and […]

How Secure Is Your Document Storage?

Document storage is a sensitive topic, and healthcare providers must take adequate steps to ensure that their patients’ records are stored securely and privately. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers simply do not have the time to deal with the security of all of their documents. However, it is essential that documents are stored in a manner […]

How Mobile Shredding Companies Are Changing the Industry

Mobile shredding companies are changing the way many companies do business. With the introduction of computers and online storage and archiving systems, businesses are finding it much easier to store their important documents electronically. Using electronic storage methods eliminates the need for keeping paper documents that can be lost, stolen or damaged. Mobile shredding companies […]

Document Shredding Made Easy

Day in, day out, if your business produces large quantities of confidential documentation, you need to feel like those documents aren’t going to fall into the wrong hands. Instead, let them fall into the right hands with our document shredding services, which ensure you ease and reliability with a minimum of effort. Although safe shredding […]

Document and Paper Shredding: The Safest Approach

In business, protecting confidential information is important, and some businesses require more discretion than others when it comes to the disposal of sensitive documents. There are various ways that this is handled. Some companies purchase their own shredding machine and have employees shred things as they believe it is needed. But when you’re dealing with […]

6 Benefits of Archive Document Storage

Have you considered using an off-site archive document storage facility for your office records, important legal documents and personnel files? There are numerous benefits to using this type of service. Here are the top 6 reasons you should make the decision to archive your files: 1. Storing Outdated and Unused Documents Off-Site Frees Up Office […]

4 Tips for Picking an Onsite Shredding Service

Onsite shredding services are necessary for certain companies, as they will have a constant flow of sensitive documents that will need to be destroyed in a non-hazardous way. Some of these companies include hospitals, financial companies and various other businesses where client and internal information cannot be spread to the public as a whole as […]