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Security camera in document storage areaSecurity is our top priority. We have 24-hour digital surveillance throughout our facility.

Confidential and Secure Document Management for Financial Firms

Protecting your customers’ information is critical to you, especially with identity theft and financial fraud on the rise. Our document management capabilities and consultative approach help lower your risk.

We know what challenges you’re facing, because we help financial institutions and businesses stay compliant every day.

Banks, investment firms, mortgage companies, accounting firms, and insurance companies rely on DocuVault for complete records management that protects them from fraud, data loss, and potential law suits.

We’re AAA certified by NAID (the National Association for Information Destruction), the highest standard of certification in the document management industry. Many financial firms use DocuVault for off-site records storage, along with our secure shredding and Scan on Demand services, because they know that their customer files will be protected while also being accessible when they need them.

NAID AAA certified

What Sarbanes-Oxley Means for Records Management

Congress enacted Sarbanes-Oxley in 2002 in the wake of the Enron and Worldcom accounting scandals.

As a result, your business information must be documented so that auditors can easily review your business activity. Documentation includes company policies and procedures, authorizations, verifications, recommendations, and performance reviews, in addition to financial data.

If you don’t have a document system that is organized and secure, you’re asking for trouble.

Section 802 Is Critically Important
This section of the law imposes hefty fines and penalties of up to 20 years imprisonment for altering, destroying, mutilating, concealing, falsifying records, documents, or tangible objects with the intent to obstruct, impede or influence a legal investigation. This section also levies fines and/or imprisonment of up to 10 years on any accountant who knowingly and willfully violates the requirements to retain all audit/review papers for 5 years from the end of the fiscal period in which the audit or review was concluded.

You can rely on DocuVault as your partner for document storage and management that complies with Sarbanes-Oxley as well as FACTA and other legal and corporate requirements.

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If you’re not sure where to start, a document management expert on our team will help you choose a plan that fits your needs. We know that it takes to keep financial firms in compliance with the law, while keeping you on budget.

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