Off-Site Document Shredding

Off-site destruction is as simple as it sounds. A DocuVault Delaware Valley professional comes to your location with a secure truck, removes your full shredding bins, and replaces them with an empty one.

Certificate of Destruction: At the completion of the swap, you will receive a certificate of destruction, and your documents will be brought back to DocuVault’s NAID AAA-certified shred plant and immediately destroyed.

Off-site document shredding services can be scheduled by the day, week, or month. We will work with you to find the best schedule that works for your organization.

Our uniformed drivers handle all material confidentially, and they are bonded and HIPAA-certified to ensure the absolute protection of your confidential materials.

We always have your security and confidentiality in mind, and our shredding services provide peace of mind that your documents are destroyed beyond all recognition, the first time and every time.

Is Off-site Document Shredding HIPAA Compliant?

When medical records are collected and destroyed by an NAID AAA-certified professional document shredding company like DocuVault, yes, the shredding process is HIPAA compliant. We offer on-site shredding as well, although our off-site shredding option provides you with significant cost savings with the same degree of legal compliance.

To schedule DocuVault for shredding services, please contact us using the form on this page or by calling 856-290-4601.