On-Site Document Shredding

On-site document shredding truck

DocuVault’s state-of-the-art on-site shredding truck

DocuVault’s on-site document shredding services provide the most secure and most efficient method of destroying your business’s confidential documents and information.

Once you place a document into one of our secure, locking bins, it is never seen again by human eyes.

Our uniformed DocuVault driver removes the secure bin from your office and empties it into our paper shredder truck, where the contents are automatically obliterated beyond recognition by our powerful in-truck hammermill shredder. Because our shred truck comes to you, you’re able to witness the document shredding first-hand.

We Always Treat Shredded Material as Confidential Documents, Not Trash

Our on-site document shredding option, like our off-site shredding option, is fully HIPAA compliant. Both before and after we shred your documents, we treat your documents as the confidential material they are, not as trash.

Our shredding truck drivers are carefully recruited, screened, and trained, and we hold them to rigorous standards of professionalism. Each of our shredding trucks is monitored both with GPS units and with electronic video cameras. As with the rest of the DocuVault team, our drivers respect your time by being courteous, efficient, and accurate.

Certificate of Destruction: You will receive a certificate of destruction backed by DocuVault’s NAID AAA certification.

Mobile shredding services and document destruction orders can be scheduled by day, week, month or on-demand, and are available from DocuVault across our entire service area in Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia), New Jersey, and Delaware.

To schedule DocuVault for shredding services, please contact us using the form on this page or by calling 856-290-4601.