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Superior Document Management for Less Than You’re Paying Now

Customers in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware rely on DocuVault Delaware Valley for secure document storage, confidential document shredding, and electronic record scanning — and they get all this for 20% – 30% less than what national document management corporations charge.

That may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. Here’s how we do it.

Our Hybrid Approach to Document Management

The key to cost savings is being selective about which documents you shred, which documents you scan, and which documents you store. That’s the smart way to approach document management. Following our hybrid model saves our customers 20–30% over national vendors.

Hybrid approach to document management

You will typically find that a document shredding company wants you to shred every document you possibly can. A scanning company wants you to scan every document you have and go paperless with your records. Neither of those approaches make sense economically or organizationally.

We help you determine which of your documents can be destroyed, and we shred those, so you don’t have to pay to scan or store them.

We also help you determine which documents, if any, you need to have scanned right now, and we scan them. Then we store the rest, because storing a box of documents with DocuVault for 72 years is cheaper than paying to have it scanned today. We keep meticulous records, and we have found that, in practice, our clients only access 4% of the documents they store. That means if you scan everything, you are wasting 96% of your money that you spend on scanning.

Once a document is stored with us, we can retrieve it within 6 minutes of your request, guaranteed. Once we have retrieved your document, we can scan it and provide you with an electronic version, or we can deliver it directly to you the next day (our standard option) or that same day (rush option).

Visit our Pricing page for more information about how we can help you save.

Benefits of Working With DocuVault

  • Guaranteed Accuracy
    • Barcode filing system keeps your records boxes organized
    • Relational database keeps digital files organized and accessible
  • State-of-the-Art Security and Technology
    • 24/7 digitally-monitored storage
    • Industry-leading shredding technology
  • You’ll Save Money
    • Save an average of 25% or more
    • Superior service for less
    • We’ll buy out your existing contract
  • Friendly and Professional Service
    • You’ll talk to the same people each time you call
    • Quick access to your documents
      • Fast, reliable pickup, retrieval, delivery, and rush service
      • Comfortable, private document-review room

Industries That Rely On Us

Banks, hospitals, law firms, universities, and businesses large and small look to DocuVault to handle all their records management needs. With today’s strict privacy laws (HIPAA, FERPA, and others) and the alarming increase in identity theft, it makes sense to have a partner you trust to keep your sensitive documents, records, and files secure and confidential, while still easily accessible when you need them.

Service Area

  • The southern half of New Jersey including Cherry Hill, Trenton, Princeton, Atlantic City, and Toms River
  • The Philadelphia metro area and southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Most of Delaware, including Wilmington and Dover

The DocuVault service area includes PA, NJ, and DE

Our Facility

DocuVault office reception area
The DocuVault offices and document management facility is located in West Deptford, NJ, an easy drive from Philadelphia and all of New Jersey. We welcome you to call us at 856-290-4601 to schedule a tour.

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Use our online form and one of our document management professionals will answer all your questions about working with DocuVault, including a detailed price quote. If you prefer, you can call us at 856-290-4601.

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