August 18, 2021

DocuVault Magic Box: Document Storage Box


DocuVault Magic Box: Now on special sale, for a limited time only. Are you looking for a document storage box that’s easy to assemble and made to last? Look no further than the DocuVault Magic Box. It’s easy to put together and is built with (…)

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September 08, 2020

Scan On-Demand: The Records Management Innovation You Need


Scan On-Demand: Document Scanning Services In the records management industry, you might think there aren’t too many innovations that happen. How many new, innovative ways could there possibly be for securely storing your documents? From specialized warehouses to cloud-based storage to up-and-coming storage trends, there (…)

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July 08, 2020

How to Host a Shred Event Post COVID-19

shred event

How to Host a Shred Event Post COVID-19 As a business that handles sensitive records and documents, you know the importance of keeping records stored securely. After a certain amount of time, you may need to shred these documents. Like you, other businesses and individuals (…)

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