Scan it or Store it? You Can Potentially Save Over 800% with DocuVault

Scanning vs. Storage: A View from Inside the Industry

In recent years, the scanning craze has been taking over the healthcare industry.

Doctors and administrators often believe it is in their best interest to scan every patient record in order to store them electronically. Our competitors don’t want you to know that scanning a single box is 872% more expensive than storing that box for an entire year.

The truth is, you don’t need to scan everything. A records management center can securely store and quickly retrieve any record you need in minutes, all at a small fraction of the cost it takes to scan.

Document Storing vs. Scanning Facts:

  • Scanning just 15% of your inventory at a time could cost $4.2 million more than storing that inventory and having it properly destroyed following a retention schedule.
  • Many hospitals intend to scan their entire inventory incrementally over time. These projects take years to decades to complete and the total cost can add up to $41.7 million.
  • Typically only 3% of scanned records will ever need to be accessed by the customer.

While it may be more convenient to store medical records electronically, it also poses a large risk of breach as well. Why expose your organization and your patient’s confidential data to more risk when you will only ever need access to a small percentage of these records? DocuVault is here to help. Contact us to discuss your healthcare storage needs and learn how you can save money and improve security with document storage.

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