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Four Transformative Records Management Tips

TIP #1

Develop a retention policy

and refer to your retention policy for what records can be destroyed

No matter your industry, today’s requirements for security, privacy, and compliance leave no room for anything other than total confidence in the Records Management Services professionals you choose.

TIP #2

Identify what records can be stored offsite

The new hybrid/remote work model has changed the need for storing documents in your work area. This means you can remove those clunky filing cabinets and store your documents with a trusted and secure partner.

TIP #3

Digitize your records


For even easier access in the new work environment, DocuVault’s expert scanning services convert your paper records into a searchable database through digital imaging, unifying your view of your information in the world of paper and electronic info.

TIP #4

Inventory retired IT equipment

IT equipment and mobile devices collecting dust and taking up valuable office space should be removed securely and sustainably, wiping sensitive information and intellectual property before recycling or destroying the materials.

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