Healthcare Document Management

Organized medical records in storage

Secure Medical Records Management

If you run a healthcare office, managing medical records is an important part of your job.

DocuVault Delaware Valley can make that responsibility much easier by providing secure, convenient medical records management at very affordable prices — an average savings of 20–30% vs. our competitors.

Doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies all rely on DocuVault.

Already in a contract? No problem. It’s likely we will buy out your contract so you can start enjoying DocuVault’s superior service and cost savings right away. Our dedicated transition team will manage the switch.

Healthcare records need to be:

  • Secure
  • Compliant with HIPAA and HITECH
  • Accessible
  • Affordably managed

Aside from the compliance issues, which are important, convenience is a big factor for many of our clients. You, too, can have the peace of mind that your patients’ files are well-protected yet also easily accessible whenever you need them. Each records box that we store receives a barcode, which makes it easy for us to locate and retrieve for you — within 6 minutes every time.

Complete Healthcare Information Management

  • Open-shelf medical record storage
  • Archiving
  • Medical record indexing
  • File room clean-outs
  • EMR conversion
  • X-ray storage & recycling

Our barcode system allows us to find a record, fast. Usually in less than 6 minutes!

Fast, Accurate Document Retrieval

Our clients in the medical industry love the convenience of working with DocuVault. When you need your document in-hand quickly, our high-priority delivery service will get it to you, either through our secure Scan on Demand system or by direct delivery to your office that same day (rush) or the next day (standard). We also work with pre-scheduled pick-up and delivery schedules, so you have your records taken to storage and delivered back according to your needs. If you need to access many of your records at once, we provide you with a comfortable, private reviewing room at our location, where we bring you the documents you request.

Scan on Demand = Significant Savings

Other companies will tell you to have all of your records scanned. That comes at a hefty price.

Don’t do it.

We can store all your records, then scan and deliver what you need on-demand for less than it would cost to have them all scanned. This service is popular with our healthcare clients — 80% of our Scan-on-Demand requests come from medical offices.

We’re HIPAA and HITECH Compliant

HIPAA compliant badge DocuVault Delaware Valley is HIPPA/HITECH compliant and AAA certified by NAID. We maintain the confidentiality of your files from the moment you provide them to us for storage or place them in your HIPAA-compliant DocuVault shredding container.

We know that a secure chain of custody is critical to maintaining HIPAA compliance. We apply all necessary means to protect your records, and we have the industry’s highest certification to prove it.

NAID AAA certified

10 more reasons to trust DocuVault Delaware Valley:

  1. On-site (mobile) and plant-based (at our location) shredding units
  2. 24/7 digital surveillance
  3. Earthquake/fire/flood-resistant storage facility
  4. $2 million in identity theft insurance
  5. NAID AAA certified
  6. GPS-tracked vehicle fleet
  7. Insured and bonded
  8. All employees undergo a thorough background check
  9. Strict employee drug testing program
  10. All employees sign confidentiality agreements

Visit the DocuVault Facility

DocuVault office reception area
We welcome you and your team to visit our facility and audit our processes. We want you to have complete confidence that your medical records are secure. Call us at 856-290-4601 to schedule a tour.

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