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Choosing the Right Commercial Records Center

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Choosing the Right Commercial Records Center The stack of documents is getting larger and larger. Your business is growing, which is good, but the paperwork is growing as well. You have started to think about mini-storage, but even that has its challenges. Stacking a bunch of boxes into a storage bin is time-consuming and labor-intensive. And then what happens if you need to find a document?

Take a look at your filing cabinets. They have been getting loaded up for years and have done exactly what they were supposed to do. They have done their job but the documents inside are getting old, frayed, and in some cases, unreadable. Adding a new file folder is a challenge, and some of the files contained within should have been destroyed months or even years ago.  Comprised of financial records, personnel files, and client information, there certainly is confidential data in those filing cabinets. You can’t remember how long ago you stopped locking them, and you may have misplaced the keys.

The boxes of records in the basement or in the storage closet are another story.  Just thinking about going through those brings on a mild panic attack. More pressing business issues come up, and you fall into “out of sight, out of mind” complacency. Your colleague suggested tackling the clutter with a mini-storage unit a short drive away, but the thought of having to transport and periodically retrieve documents results in more panic attacks.

You’ve heard of professional off-site records storage and you’re just beginning to entertain the idea. Perhaps a business associate finally made use of the service after his faulty sprinkler system completely destroyed his client contracts and tax records several years back. Now he touts the ability to view his records retention inventory online and have his files brought to him without having to lift a finger.

The problem is there are several document storage companies in the area, and it comes down to making a choice. So how do you choose the right commercial records center for storing your business records?

Security and Safety

Your documents and files are the lifeblood of your business. Therefore, it’s critical to make sure your records inventory is going to be protected from theft, fire, natural disaster and, of course, a faulty sprinkler system. A professional records center should be equipped with the following:

  • Security protection technology
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Digital surveillance monitoring
  • Motion sensors
  • Redundant backup systems

Your document storage facility should meet all of the regulations set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and by the state authority. Additionally, only screened, uniformed, authorized personnel should have access to the records center. All DocuVault employees are screened and go through extensive background checks.

Organization and management of your retention

It’s important to be able to quickly locate and request any records stored off-site at any time. Your commercial records center should have the ability to support routine requests as well as emergency retrieval of information to meet disaster recovery objectives. Look for a records center with the following:

  • Barcode tracking
  • Inventory management database
  • Secure online web access

In addition, you should always have full audit trail capabilities for your off-site records inventory.

Reputation and experience of your records storage provider

A commercial records center is only as safe, secure and effective as the records and information management company maintaining it. Reputation is everything.  Look for a solutions provider with long experience serving your community. A company that is confident in its services and track record will provide you with references and offer you a tour of its commercial records center.

DocuVault provides professional records management and storage solutions for businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area as well as Denver, Colorado. It’s time to put this worry to bed and go with professionals that can ease your information pains and challenges.

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