Frequently Asked Questions

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Shredding FAQs

We provide access to witnessing the shredding at your home or office. We provide a certificate of destruction after each job.

Yes, our facility, trucks and personnel are all AAA NAID certified. This is the highest security certification in our industry.

No we charge by the container or box.

No, we do not charge our customers trip charges.

Yes we do! There is an additonal labor charge. We will quote based on each instance.

100% Recycled. The paper is baled at our secured facility and shipped directly to a paper mill, where it is used for new paper towels and tissue paper.

We can shred paperclips, staples, binder clips and colored paper. We can not shred heavy plastic, 3-ring binders, x-rays and heavy metals.

Off-site shredding we do take the entire box and the contents. On-site shredding we do not take the empty boxes after we shred the contents inside.

Yes we do. This is based upon service and location.

Storage FAQs

DocuVault’s Records Center is located in West Deptford, NJ. We service Eastern PA, NJ, DE, and Northern MD.

DocuVault works with clients of all sizes and provides them with the local, personal service they deserve.

Monthly storage rates are based on the number of cubic feet a client has stored in DocuVault’s Records Center.

All records must be placed in sturdy boxes with lids. Boxes can be purchased through DocuVault, or through your office supply vendor. Clients have the option to pack the boxes themselves or have a DocuVault team come to their location and pack the boxes for them.

Upon request, DocuVault will provide inventory data sheets along with two-part barcode labels. Simply place the large part of the label on the front of the box (not the lid, or the sides) and the small part of the label on a supplied data sheet. Enter descriptive information into each field of the data sheet. The completed data sheets must accompany the boxes when shipped to DocuVault. Once the order is received and processed, DocuVault will data enter the data sheet iinformation into the inventory system. Clients also have the option of entering descriptive data online using DocuVault’s secure web portal, Envision Web.

DocuVault offers a variety of options to retrieve requested boxes, or files. Our “Scan on Demand” service allows clients to request files and have them scanned to our secure portal. The client simply logs into our portal and downloads the file to their device. Boxes and files can also be securely delivered to a client’s office. Clients are also welcome to visit the records center to pick up requested files or boxes.

DocuVault’s Review Rooms are accessible to clients at no charge for two days per year. Simply schedule a date through our Customer Care Team and provide your representative with a list of the boxes that need to be reviewed. The boxes will be retrieved from their dedicated locations and staged in the Review Room prior to your arrival. (Large quantities may need to be spaced out over several days)

Destruction of records must be approved by an authorized client user. When provided, DocuVault will load destruction scheduling into our inventory system and provide annual reports detailing records eligible for destruction. Clients also have the ability to view detruction eligiblity reports online using our web portal, Envision Web.

DocuVault values the security of your confidential records. Our state-of-the-art Records Center is equipped with a best in class burgulay system which is monitored 24/7 by a third party licenced security company. Entry to the faclity is controlled by our ISONUS key card access system. All egress points are monitored 24/7. Video capture is retained for 90 days. All DocuVault employees are background checked, bonded and insured. Random drug screening is performed annualy and as a condition of hire.

For security purposes we generally do not store your boxes together. Our Dynamic Location assignment procedure issues item locations based on date of receipt, item type and next available space.

Yes, you will need to affix a DocuVault barcode lablel to the end of each box and record its contents using either the DocuVault web portal or indexing sheet. Ensure each box is secure and not over packed.

Decisions regarding the type of boxes used to pack and ship records offsite is entirely up to the client. The DocuVault box has been recognozed as one of the top performing storage boxes on the market. It is for this reason along with the lifetime warranty we provide for each box, we recommend the use of the DocuVault box.

Boxed records are stored on steel shelving constructed with alumiminum decking. The system is equipped with a state of the art in-rack sprinkler system along with a VESDA smoke detection system and LED motion triggered lighting.

Yes, our best in class Records Center was deigned and contructed specifically with records storage in mind. The facilty is equipped with a multi-zones fire suppresion systems which is supplied by and onsite deisel fire pump. The systems is supplemented by and Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) smoke detection system. Both system are monitors 24/7 by a licensed 3rd party security company. We also maintain video survaillance of the entire exterior and interior common areas via 30 camera survaillance system. Equipped with artificial intelligence technology, they system has the ability to track and identify specific features ie, color of clothing, gender, vehicle make, specific flagged facial images and more.

We insure each box however more protection is available.

Scanning FAQs

Scanning is priced based on the difficulty & volume of the project. There is no set price.

Yes. For an extra charge.

Yes. Color is extra.

As of right now, we are only set up to scan at our own headquarters.

Yes. Additional fee.

The client can remove them, which would reduce their price, but they don’t HAVE to. We can and have to remove them for a fee.

We provide a hard drive, thumb drive, disc or can upload to Microsoft share point and/or a secure ftp.

We can store the originals here or we can offer cloud storage through total recall. For a monthly charge.

Up to the client. We can store them, return them to the client, or destroy them. For a fee.

We hold them on our server for 30 days to give the client enough time to review the images before we remove them.

No, we hold them for 30 days in case the client needs to review them.

No. but we can refer you to someone who can.

Yes, depending on size.

Yes, access is restricted by badge access to employees who work in the scanning department.

Not typically, but we can for an additional cost.

You can call or email us your request and we can retrieve the file you are looking for. We will securely email you the requested file within a 2 hour turn around time.

eWaste FAQs

Yes. You can drop off electronics at our West Deptford NJ and Bristol PA locations.

Many items are accepted for free. Certains items, such as TVs, have a charge. Please refer to our Residential E-Waste Drop-Off page.

Yes. We accept all types of TVs for recycling, such as CRTs, LCD, LED, Plasma, Rear Projection.

Residents may come Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 3PM. Please note that sometimes our attendant may be temporarily off-site or on a brief lunch break.

We accept all categories of computer electronics and consumer electronics.

Yes. We provide electronics recycling services for small businesses and for large corporations.

Yes. We offer this to municipalities and other groups who wish to sponsor an event for their local residents.

Yes. We provide certified destruction of hard drives and other electronic media storage devices. This can be done on-site at your location, or off-site at our secure facility.

Yes. We remove and destroy hard drives from every computer, laptop, or any other device containing drives.

Yes. We can provide Certificates of Recycling and Destruction for any project.

Yes. We can provide customized inventory reporting of your equipment depending on your needs.

Cryo Storage FAQs

PHC/Panasonic (-80) VIP series and TwinGuard, Abeyance LN2 Freezers

Yes, our Validated Cloud Based LIMs system with client portal access allows materials to be retrieved, stored for a specific period of time, released for destruction after expiration or stored indefinatley

Yes, Validated Rees Scienticic Cloud Based Monitoring System provides real time data temperature and humidity records

Back up generator and redundant power supply line from PSE&G in case of failure. Back up freezer space available for sample transfer in case of mechanical failure. Back up vendor support providing refigerated trucks and power supply

Yes, generator and secondary power line from PSE&G

Yes, portal access is granted in our LIMS system to allow multiple departments and contacts to access materials or orders

Yes, we have a quality team that follows internal audit procedures

Using the portal access, clients can see material storaged at the facility and request back via the LIMs system automatic email

Yes, we offer ambient, 4, -20, -80 and -190 along with other conditions are requested.

Yes, our biorepository processes are GxP compliant

Yes, we accept client’s equipment in our repository following proper guidelines. The equipment will be monitored. In the event a failure, our repair technician will provide a quote at which point a sample transfer will occur or repair of equipment.

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