DocuVault’s ITAD Solutions for Sustainable and Secure Electronics Recycling & Data Destruction

DocuVault is a leading provider of sustainable and secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions specializing in e-waste recycling and certified data destruction. Our mission is to help businesses manage their end-of-life IT assets in a secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner. Here’s how our ITAD solutions can help you:

$3.62 Million

The average total cost of a data breach to an organization is $3.62 million


Data breaches occurrences increased 40% in US from 2015 to 2016

Secure Data Destruction Services

DocuVault understands the importance of data security and privacy. Our certified data destruction process ensures that all sensitive information is permanently destroyed from your devices. Our secure on-site and off-site destruction services are available for a wide range of data-containing devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives, tapes, and other storage media. We provide a full chain of custody and a certificate of destruction that includes serial numbers and other pertinent information, and the date and time of destruction.

On-site Destruction:

  • Destruction service comes to your office location.
  • State-of-the-art equipment used to physically destroy devices.
  • Provides peace of mind as you can watch the process take place.
  • Data is destroyed in a secure and compliant manner.

Off-site Destruction:

  • Devices are transported to a secure facility for destruction.
  • DocuVault’s team of experts follows strict security protocols.
  • Devices are controlled throughout the entire process.
  • State-of-the-art equipment is used for destruction.

Our commitment to you:

Guarantee the protection of your data and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations such as NIST, HIPAA-HITECH, SOC 2, and others.

DocuVault will always provide a full chain of custody, from the moment devices are taken into our possession until they are securely destroyed. After destruction is complete you will receive a certificate of destruction including serial numbers, the date and time of destruction, and other pertinent information.

Electronics Recycling Services

We offer e-waste recycling solutions for businesses of all sizes, designed to help you dispose of your end-of-life electronics in a secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.

DocuVault’s e-waste recycling process comes with a zero waste-to-landfill commitment to ensure that materials are repurposed, recovered, and recycled.

Accepted electronics for recycling:
DocuVault’s Guarantee:
  • Devices are handled in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Data is securely wiped from the devices before they are recycled.
  • A Certificate of Recycling is provided.
  • A customized inventory report of your equipment is provided.

ITAD Value Recovery Program

At DocuVault, we are committed to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. Our e-waste recycling process comes with a zero waste-to-landfill commitment to ensure that devices are repurposed, recovered, or recycled.

We believe in reusing and repurposing materials whenever possible. That’s why we offer our ITAD Value Recovery Program for businesses looking to discard their IT assets responsibly. By participating in our program, businesses can profit from:

  • Payment for their e-waste equipment.
  • Recovery of some of their investment in their IT assets.
  • Reduction of waste by extending the useful life of these devices.
Our ITAD Value Recovery Program accepts the following end-of-life IT assets:
Here is how DocuVault’s ITAD Value Recovery Program works:
  1. You provide us with your end-of-life IT assets.
  2. Our team of ITAD experts assesses the condition of the devices to determine whether they can be repurposed.
  3. If the devices can be repurposed, we securely wipe and refurbish them and offer them for resale to customers who are looking for cost-effective IT equipment solutions.
  4. If the devices cannot be repurposed, we securely wipe all data from the devices and recycle the materials in accordance with applicable regulations. In this case, our team will look to recover parts and components to maximize resale opportunities to benefit the client.

Other Benefits of ITAD:

Recovery of value: We offer an ITAD Value Recovery Program that allows businesses to recoup some of their investment in their IT assets.

Sustainability: Our program helps businesses sustainably dispose of their IT assets, reducing waste, and extending the useful life of these devices.

Affordable IT equipment: Our remarketed equipment provides cost-effective IT solutions to businesses and organizations with budget constraints.

Contact us today to learn more about our ITAD solutions and how we can help your business dispose of its IT assets securely, compliantly, and sustainably.

We take your business personally.

By focusing on the Delaware Valley, DocuVault proudly set ourselves apart by providing local service with a personal touch. When you call us, you speak to a real person, right away. If you have a records management problem, we’re on it. You receive a consultative service that looks out for your best interest and security.

Find out how we can protect your business information and reputation through our secure and confidential document shredding services.

Certified E-Waste Services:

R2V3 Certification: DocuVault’s e-waste division (“Tech Collect Pros”) operates separately in a standalone secure facility that is specifically dedicated to electronics recycling and electronic data destruction. The standalone facility offers distinct advantages for servicing our clients’ e-waste needs, which include enhanced security, surveillance, trained and dedicated personnel, best practices, and industry-leading equipment and technology. The Tech Collect Pros facility has proudly achieved certification under the R2v3 and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards. These certifications reflect our commitment to responsible e-waste recycling practices, environmental sustainability, and data security. Learn more here about Tech Collect Pros’ R2V3 Certified facility here!

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