Environmental Policy

Tech Collect Pros, LLC
Environmental Policy

Tech Collect Pros, LLC, is committed to protecting the environment associated with the company’s processing facility as well as the environment associated with any of the Tech Collect Pros, LLC, client locations. This commitment is fully sanctioned by all levels of management and is to be carried out by every employee and applied to every job task.

Tech Collect Pros, LLC, shall employ responsible recycling practices that are ultimately designed to reuse and/or recycle electronic waste (Tech Collect Pros, LLC) as to reduce the levels of this toxic waste in landfills. The company is fully committed to reduce pollution through a “net zero” policy of shipping processedTech Collect Pros to landfills.

Tech Collect Pros, LLC, is committed to preserving and protecting the local environment in it’s overall service to the community and state. The company in this capacity is committed to contain all processing activities within the confines of the facility and not process or improperly store Tech Collect Pros, LLC, external to the facility. The company shall maintain a facility that is pollution free with processes and procedures designed to protect the employees and the general public. This commitment is enforced by mandatory inspections conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, as specified in the Beneficial Use Permit under which the Tech Collect Pros, LLC,  facility operates.

In furtherance of this policy, Tech Collect Pros, LLC,  shall conform to all applicable federal, state and local code as it applies to the responsible stewardship of the environment. Additionally, the company shall operate within all acceptable environmental standards by maintaining a current and relevant policy that is supported by a certified environmental management system (EMS). The EMS must be designed to conform to the ISO 14001 and the R2 standards.

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