Document Scanning

Document scanning converts your paper records into a searchable database. Once your documents are digitized, you get fast and easy access to critical information.

Don’t waste time searching for documents in a box or file cabinet. Start finding what you need faster!

Your many benefits from document scanning include:

  • Free up space in your office
  • Find your documents faster
  • Share your documents more easily
  • Reduce your costs for paper, file folders, and cabinets
  • Respond faster to customer requests for records
  • Increase security of your information

All you need to do is provide the paper records. You can leave the job specs, scanning, formatting and naming to us.

Optical character recognition (OCR) makes it easy to find what you need

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is at the heart of our digital scanning service. When printed text documents are processed through our optical scanner, the documents are transformed into digital files that are organized and keyword searchable.
  • Once a document has had OCR applied, you won’t waste time manually looking through a document for a word or phrase. Simply search the scanned document for the word you want and every instance of it is highlighted.

You can convert your documents into many digital formats

When you convert records to digital format you want to ensure you can integrate them into your company programs and platforms. DocuVault will digitize, unitize and output your digital records in a format that meets your needs. Popular conversion format include PDF, tiff, png, txt and HTML.

document digitization

Whether you need integration into EMR/EHR software, law practice management software, or another records management system, DocuVault will make sure your data is output in a way that works for you.

Scanning helps you switch from paper to EMR

If you’re a medical professional who needs to convert your file room into digital files to incorporate into an EMR system, DocuVault can help. We’ll scan your records and output them as images ready to be imported into your EMR database. We’ll follow your specifications to digitize and unitize your records to make your transition from paper to EMR as smooth as possible.

We take your business personally.

By focusing on the Delaware Valley we proudly set ourselves apart by providing local service with a personal touch. When you call us, you speak to a real person, right away. If you have a records management problem, we’re on it. You receive consultative service that looks out for your best interest and security.

Find out how we can protect your business information and reputation.

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