Vault Storage

Do you have materials that must be preserved with the highest level of security and confidentiality? If so, you’ll want the extra protection that only DocuVault can provide!

To ensure your valuables retain their integrity and are secure 24/7, you need special climate control, maximum fire protection and ironclad monitoring. Anything less presents a risk.

You can rely on our vault document management services for an exceptional level of protection.

At DocuVault, we use state-of-the-art systems are unsurpassed in the Delaware Valley.

Advanced Climate Control

Our vault’s specifications are essential for keeping your important materials; including tapes, drives, x-rays, films and photographs; in pristine condition.

  • Advanced climate controls maintain a temperature of 68° F and 33% humidity
  • There is no UV light, dust or heat
  • Your contents are safe from the perils of deterioration
  • 12-inch thick impermeable walls prevent damage from external fire or flood

Fire protection that exceeds
industry standards

Your safeguards include an FM-200 system for maximum fire protection.

  • Uses clean colorless environmentally-friendly gas that leaves no residue
  • The system discharges within 10 seconds to immediately extinguish a fire
  • Exceeds industry standards and is superior to conventional records management systems that use sprinklers or foam agents, which can cause irreparable damage to the very things you want to preserve

Document archiving fire protection

Always-On Security

Uninterrupted safety measures mitigate your risk and let you rest assured any time of the day or night.

  • 24/7 monitoring by digital surveillance cameras and alarm systems
  • All media is locked in media vault specific containers prior to shipment
  • DocuVault vehicles are always locked, secured, and GPS tracked

Complete Chain of Custody

Your assets are carefully tracked through all stages: Pick-up, transport, delivery, storage, retrieval and removal.

  • Secure chain of custody, with detailed logs
  • Every item is barcoded, scanned and fully trackable
  • You always know exactly where your media is located for fast retrieval

Convenient access, for your eyes only

You have several ways to access your items stored in the vault:

  • Same-day, next-day and 24/7 emergency pickup and delivery service
  • Track your inventory via a secure online portal
  • Visit in person or by appointment: The vault uses a keycard access system with administrative and tracking functionality

Safe and secure storage boxes

Privacy and compliance assurance

You’ll have peace of mind with our commitment to security.

  • Our adherence to PRISM Privacy+ standards protects you from unauthorized access to your materials
  • Your contents are secured by professional experts in government regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, FERPA, GLBA, SOX and BSA/AML
  • Media rotations designed to meet your exact needs

Even the most sophisticated hacker can’t get to your data when it’s stored offline. The media vault is an ideal solution when you require the utmost in data security.

Our high-security media vault is ideal for storing your:

  • DLT/LTO tapes
  • Hard drives and USB flash drives
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Medical slides and paraffin blocks
  • Microfilm
  • Network drive backup tapes
  • Security camera footage
  • Critical and confidential records
  • Film, artwork and photographs
  • Other valuable items that you must protect with the highest level of integrity

Media vault storage

What Our Customers Say...


DocuVault has been highly instrumental in helping us to maintain compliance, which in the healthcare industry is an utterly vital element. It’s nice to know we can rely on an organized process to collect and dispose of our sensitive media and the itemized tracking lists are a tremendous help for simplifying our audit procedures.

The DocuVault team is efficient and easy to work with and we have full confidence in their ability to safeguard our clientele’s information through vigilant disposal.”

- John M., Mission Critical Facilities Project Manager, Independence Blue Cross


A very professional service that has far exceeded our expectations! There are presently close to 300 offices at the University of Pennsylvania that have signed up for the confidential shredding service with DocuVault. Through word-of-mouth the number of new customers continues to grow.

I especially enjoy the interaction with the company's Transportation Coordinator who is very good with scheduling service requests in an efficient manner. Whenever I have a specific need he is always willing to help. DocuVault is hands down the best company we have ever used!"

-Rob O., Assistant Records Manager, University of Pennsylvania


We just finished our shred event and everything went great! We had a steady stream of customers the whole time and nearly filled the truck. We also collected a pickup load of plastic bags to recycle and a pile of clothing to donate to Woodbury Steelers. Four of our city council members stopped by to recycle. Your guy Jimmy was great and really took care of us. He has helped us before, and I hope you’ll send him each year. Thanks for running a first-class operation!”

-Roy D., City Clerk and Recycling Coordinator, City of Woodbury, NJ

We take your business personally.

By focusing on the Delaware Valley, DocuVault proudly set ourselves apart by providing local service with a personal touch. When you call us, you speak to a real person, right away. If you have a records management problem, we’re on it. You receive a consultative service that looks out for your best interest and security.

Find out how we can protect your business information and reputation through our secure and confidential document shredding services.

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