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6 Benefits of Archive Document Storage with DocuVault

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Have you considered using an off-site archive document storage facility for your office records management, important legal documents and personnel files? There are numerous benefits to using this type of service. Here are the top 6 reasons you should make the decision to archive your files with a trusted partner like DocuVault:

1. Storing Outdated and Unused Documents Off-Site Frees Up Office Space

Office or warehousing space is used for productivity; your business is not reaching its full potential with rows upon rows of storage boxes sitting in that precious square footage. Using an archive document storage facility allows your business to function at full capacity as all of your records are safely stored at our secure, off-site location in the Philadelphia area.

Secure Document Storage with Monitored Storage Boxes

2. Records Stay in a Secure Location with No Chance of Unauthorized Use

How do you currently store your important records? If you have any concerns that your file room could become compromised by theft, or even prying eyes, then your records are not safe enough. DocuVault is dedicated to safe document storage through stringent security procedures, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your records.

3. Documents are Safe from Fire Damage

Documents are the lifeblood of your business. Fire damage would destroy contracts, liability waivers and insurance policies. At DocuVault, our fire-protected archive document storage facility has several protocols in place that eliminate the possibility of fire damage.

4. Paperwork is Easily Retrieved

Through cutting-edge technology, our off-site storage facility can track your documents through every step of the archival process–guaranteeing that document archiving and document retrieval is a hassle-free experience.

5. Archive Document Storage Saves You Money

Proper document management takes time — your company’s skilled employees should be putting their expertise to use, not wasting hours putting away completed contracts. Storing documents with DocuVault in our off-site facility eliminates this issue, meaning that your company dollars are being utilized to the fullest extent.

6. You Can Stay in Legal Compliance by Maintaining All Pertinent Records

Throwing away old documents through haphazard records management procedures can lead to identity theft, HIPAA non-compliance and other legal problems. Storing documents with a reputable and certified company like DocuVault ensures that your business maintains compliancy now and in the future.

Keep your business records safe, while maintaining your peace of mind and improving your bottom line. Speak to a DocuVault Document Storage Specialist today to learn more. 

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