How Mobile Shredding Companies Are Changing the Industry

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    Mobile shredding companies are changing the way many companies do business. With the introduction of computers and online storage and archiving systems, businesses are finding it much easier to store their important documents electronically. Using electronic storage methods eliminates the need for keeping paper documents that can be lost, stolen or damaged.

    Frustrated woman attempting to shred documents in office
    Frustrated woman attempting to shred documents in office

    Mobile shredding companies eliminate the need for extra space required to store paper documents. Companies involved in the paper shredding business operate in one of two ways. One way is to dispatch a truck with a built in shredder to a business location. The company’s documents are shredded onsite and the resulting materials are bagged and disposed of either by the paper shredding company or by the client.

    The second way is to pick up the company’s documents and transport them to an industrial shredder. Either way the documents are secured and disposed of in accordance with both HIPAA and other regulatory laws that pertain to confidentiality. Having the documents taken off site for shredding allows for more documents to be removed at once and takes much less time than having them shredded on site.

    Not only do mobile shredding companies help companies to save space, they also help them to save money. Space that was once used to store paper and documents can now be used to expand the business or can be leased out to another company increasing the business’s revenue. Shredding documents also lessens the impact the company has on the environment by allowing the paper to be recycled and used again.

    Companies who offer mobile paper shredding may also provide other services such as document storage through electronic means. Cloud computing and other forms of electronic document storage can save both time and money and have a dramatically reduced effect on the environment. Information management companies provide services that include the storage of both hardcopy and electronic media as well as the shredding of unneeded documents.