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Where Is Your Personal Information?

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As you sit down to fill out paperwork after receiving a job offer, the last thing you might think is “Will my personal information ever leave this building?” But really, what happens to all of the private information you give after filling out pre-employment forms? Secure document storage and destruction has been proven even more crucial this past week as an employee of Nassau County Police Department brought shredded, yet confidential, documents to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for his family and himself to use as confetti. These pieces of paper that were scattered across the crowded New York street released information such as employee’s names, Social Security numbers, bank routing numbers and more. The full news story can be read here, but this incident really stresses the importance of safely handling the storing and destruction of sensitive records. One person’s irresponsible actions could release sensitive information stored at your firm. Secure records management can help put your mind at ease!

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