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4 Tips for Picking an Onsite Shredding Service

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Onsite shredding services are necessary for certain companies, as they will have a constant flow of sensitive documents that will need to be destroyed in a non-hazardous way. Some of these companies include hospitals, financial companies and various other businesses where client and internal information cannot be spread to the public as a whole as they pose risks to people’s privacy or internal ideas or plans the company has that a competitor might want access to. Below are 4 tips to follow when choosing an onsite shredding service.



Are they efficient?

Does the onsite shredding service you are looking to hire have the capabilities to handle all the documents you will need them to shred and dispose of? This may require them to have a truck and a large amount of other equipment to quickly and efficiently get rid of the large amount of documents your company needs to destroy. Make sure of this, first and foremost.

Are they trustworthy?

As sensitive documents will be between the onsite shredding service and the shredder itself, are the workers and the company trustworthy? Make sure they have a good rating and are a company who won’t be swiping documents from the shredding bins. Great onsite shredding services will allow you to watch the documents being disposed of first-hand.

Do they recycle?

As a lot of paper is being destroyed, make sure the onsite shredding company will recycle all of the documents it shreds for you. Protecting the environment should be as much a part of their philosophy, as it is your company’s.

How often can they service your company?

Sometimes you will need the onsite shredding services to show up on a weekly basis. Other times you will only need them once a month. Make sure the onsite shredding service can do this within your budget, as some companies charge a lot each time they come out, as they will have to set everything up.

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