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Important Things to Know About Commercial Shredding Companies

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The demand for business document shredding is rapidly increasing due to the possibility of theft affecting businesses and their consumers. Hiring a document shredding company is assurance that confidential documents are being carefully destroyed by a shredding service provider. Since it is important to choose a trust worthy and professional document shredding company, there are several factors to consider when searching for commercial shredding companies.

Commercial shredding companies that are certified with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) have a high level of security and professional standards for their destruction processes. When a document shredding company is certified through NAID, the company must comply with all of the industries codes of ethics and requirements.

The level of security is important when searching for a commercial shredding company to destroy your confidential documents. When researching document destruction companies inquire about the process used in selecting their employees and ask about the containers used for transporting the documents. If your business has confidential documents that are related to medical patients, it is important that you hire a document shredding company works in accordance to the HIPAA requirements.

On Site or Off Site Shredding
If your business needs a shredding company to destroy classified and confidential documents, it is highly recommended that you search for commercial shredding companies that do on site shredding. With on-site shredding you are guaranteed that the documents will be destroyed without the risk of the confidential data being viewed by others. Companies that strictly do off site shredding remove the documents from your business, which puts them at risk of being lost, misplaced or falling into the hands of the wrong person. It will be beneficial for your business to hire a shredding company that provides on-site and/or off site shredding as well as emergency shredding services.

Commercial shredding companies should have modern, up to date and efficient shredding equipment. Check to make sure the company is a full-service shredding company which offers various services such as the destruction of x-rays or other difficult and confidential documents and sources of information.Using Commercial Shredding To Protect Your Medical Practice

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